Don't let manipulations fool you.
Detect them with Verifee.
How do I know when articles are trying to manipulate me? How often does this happen? And what can I actually trust on the Internet? If you are asking yourself at least one of these questions, you are in the right place. Verifee is a tool designed to help you answer them, and what's more – it can prevent them.
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Trust, but verify.


of Czechs come across information that they suspect is disinformation.


faster is the spread of false articles than that of truthful ones on the Internet.


of Czech citizens trust at least one disinformation media.

It would be an exaggeration to say that nothing can be trusted on the Internet. But the fact is that you probably regularly come across articles that try to deceive you. We understand that checking the credibility of all the articles you read is beyond your power. That's why we developed Verifee, which uses artificial intelligence to determine it for you.

Recognize untrustworthy articles in time.

We rely on Artificial Intelligence to analyse news articles

Verifee is a program that helps you protect yourself from manipulations. It evaluates the credibility of the articles you read. It works on the principle of artificial intelligence, which, unlike humans, is not biased towards the sources and topics of articles. In addition, it can process a large amount of data. Therefore, it is able to learn to recognize manipulative elements in the text and safely mark them.

It's easy to fall for manipulations

It can be very difficult to recognize manipulations. At the same time, recognizing them is essential in order to be safe on the Internet. Verifee looks for manipulative techniques in all the news articles you read every day. It creates a detailed analysis and assigns a score to each of them. You can then make an informed decision whether to read the article or not and whether to believe it.

Learn from the analysis and read only the relevant

Verifee shows you detailed results of each analysis. You can thus not only check it, but also find out what tactics the manipulators are trying on you. In addition, if Verifee evaluates an article as manipulative, it will offer you other credible alternatives on the same topic instead. So it saves you the time that you would have otherwise spent searching for another source.

Time to try Verifee. Analyse an article.

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Project of avid students.

Verifee is a project of three students with interest in artificial intelligence. They met for the first time in 2020, when the Euro magazine ranked them among the twenty most talented Czechs under the age of twenty. A year later, with the project that laid the foundation for Verifee, they became the absolute winners of Robothon 2021, the largest AI hackathon in the Czech Republic. In the same year, they established cooperation with the artificial intelligence center, which allows Verifee to further develop.

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